The first contact with the master firm Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN is by phone and is free.

No consultation is given by telephone, but the legal problem is identified through a few questions.

An appointment is then offered if necessary.

At this first appointment, it is recommended to bring all the information concerning the case, and especially the court summonses if necessary.

This first appointment is charged 180 euros TTC, but it will not be charged in case of opening of file and payment of the related provision.

Master Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN will then explain the course of the judicial process, and advise you on the attitude to be held and the arguments to be put forward, if you are warned; or advise you on the most appropriate route for your situation, if you are a victim or a litigant.

It will give you an estimate of your legal risk and your chances of success in your action.

Master Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN will also inform you about the three billing methods applied by the firm, and will establish a fee agreement tailored to your file:

– The hourly rate:

The hourly rate varies depending on the area of activity, the point of law raised, and the nature, urgency and complexity of the case.

– The flat rate:

In some cases, it is possible to agree a flat rate for the entire procedure (for example in case of divorce by mutual consent or in case of correctional case with a single hearing…)

It is therefore appropriate to take attache with Master Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN, setting out your precise request so that a first estimate is made.

Master Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN is committed to informing her client as much as possible about the extent of her commitment, and not to start any work until she has received the customer's approval on the billing method to be implemented.

Therefore, no fee is charged without a has been agreed upon in advance, in its amount and in its periodicity.

In case of financial difficulties, Master Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN gives you the possibility of staggering the payment of fees over the duration of the procedure;

But in any event, the fee provided between his client and the lawyer must be paid before oral arguments.

– The result fee:

In some cases, it is possible to agree on a profit fee, requiring only a modest fixed salary from the firm.

Thus, the client pays a moderate lump sum provision at the beginning of the proceedings, the rest of the lawyer's remuneration is based on the result obtained and according to a predetermined percentage.

In some cases, it may be agreed in the honorary agreement that the fixed fee should only be paid for the first provision of compensation (e.g. victim of rape, act of barbarism, or serious assault…)

This additional result fee is based on a percentage previously set in agreement with the client, the sums recovered at the end of the procedure.

This agreement is recorded in an agreement between the lawyer and his client, and signed by both parties.

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