Criminal Law Lawyer in Paris

Whether you are a perpetrator or a victim, Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN can assist you during the four phases of the criminal procedure:

  • The police phase.
  • The judicial investigation phase.
  • The judgment phase.
  • The execution phase.

In criminal law, Maître HAWRYLYSZYN handles both criminal and correctional proceedings before all courts in France and in the French overseas departments and territories.
She assists you or represents you before all the criminal courts of investigation (examining magistrate, judge of liberties and detention, examining chamber), the courts of judgment such as the Court of Assizes, the Correctional Court, immediate appearances, the CPRC or criminal compositions.

She also pleads before disciplinary or sentence enforcement courts.

She can therefore ensure your defence throughout the procedure and provide you with a great deal of information (such as the detection time of narcotic products).

It therefore intervenes in all areas of criminal law.

    • You are heard as an author in a criminal law case, Mr. Alexandra Hawrylyszyn assists and advises you as a lawyer specialized in criminal law.
    • If you are a victim of a crime or a misdemeanour under criminal law, Alexandra Hawrylyszyn helps you to assert your rights and to obtain compensation for the damages you have suffered.
    • For all cases concerning the criminal law of labour, business, drugs, sex, road traffic, etc… Maître Alexandra Hawrylyszyn accompanies you and gives you the benefit of her expertise.